Delay repay and how to claim it

Delay Repay and how to claim it

If you are delayed by 30 minutes or more, you can claim delay repay by collecting a form from any of Greater Anglia’s ticket offices or by visiting

You will need to upload a copy of your ticket and ensure you keep an accurate record of your delay so you receive the correct compensation.

Many users say that they do not claim Delay Repay because of the effort involved, however with the availability of online Delay Repay this has become easier. We recommend that all users claim Delay Repay for all legitimate service issues which result in their journeys incurring delays of 30 minutes or longer – regardless of cause.

You are also entitled to claim compensation under the Consumer Rights Act Amendments 2015, which now includes the railways.  To claim compensation under this act, you have to prove the service provided was not delivered with reasonable care and skill, The Secretary of State, The Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling wrote to all TOC’s (Train Operating Companies) on June 14 to reiterate that this scheme is not optional and is not to be applied selectively at the discretion of Franchisees.

He also reminded them that The Consumer Protection (from Unfair Trading) Regulations 2008 prohibit misleading acts and omissions.  This includes employees providing information to customers in a way that is inaccurate or unclear, or failing to provide information that is material to their decision.

This communication was prompted by an investigation by Which?

It has also been confirmed by Greater Anglia at the East Customer Panel Meeting, 17th July 2018, that their frontline teams are empowered to arrange alternative transport (i.e. taxis) in the event of delays where passengers would have been stranded. If you ask for alternative transport to be arranged and this is refused, then please note the date, time, and other relevant details, and then send them to the group administrators and we will liase with Greater Anglia support to investigate.

Delay Repay 15

Other franchises, are required to offer Delay Repay at the 15 minute point. Regrettably the current Greater Anglia franchise specification was written before Delay Repay 15 became a standard.  Investigation by ARUG revealed that the Treasury committed to this expenditure in the Autumn Statement 2015.  The franchise agreement with Greater Anglia was not signed until 2016.

Anglia Rail Users group have been pushing for the implementation of Delay Repay 15 for the last 18 months, however are yet to receive a concrete answer as to when it will be implemented. Priti Patel, MP for Witham has communicated that Delay Repay 15 was due to be implemented “imminently” this has still not come to light, whilst Jamie Burles, MD of Greater Anglia Limited, has previously been quoted as saying that he would like to see Delay Repay 15 implemented as soon as possible.

We will continue to press for an answer on this.

UPDATE 12/3/2019 – It has been announced that Greater Anglia will be implementing Delay Repay 15 from 1st April 2019, after many tireless hours of lobbying, ARUG have delivered!